Past • Present • Future


Hands of Faith Church started in September of 1991. Meeting in a local high school, the ministry was named, organized, and established within the community of Zanesville, Ohio. As we grew, we were able to purchase property at our current location and begin to sow seed not only in the surrounding area, but throughout the East Central and Southeastern Ohio areas. The church also saw itself reaching out to others in different states and countries. Under the leadership of its pastor, Dr. Michael Bullock, Hands of Faith quickly became known as a bible based, teaching church that stresses discipleship and godliness. Also, in our past we have seen many people come and go. Some have passed on to be with the Lord while others desired to seek new adventures elsewhere. But through it all, God continued to bless this ministry as it still stands today. The church then developed both its Vision Statement (To See God Change Lives One Person at a Time); and its Mission Statement (To Reach, Reconcile, Restore). As Hands of Faith continued on, these two foundational principles maintained the integrity of what is done in the ministry in discipleship of its members.


As times change, so did the ministry of Hands of Faith. Through the leading of the Lord, the church has seen a variety of ministries birthed. We offer our Couples Corner Ministry for both married couples and soon to be married couples which meets once a month; Youth Ministry, reaching our children and teens; our Men’s Ministry with monthly meetings; Choir and Praise Team; the Revelation (A Written Ministry of Hands of Faith); our missions work reaching around the world in such countries as Haiti, Amsterdam, Bolivia, Africa, and Viet Nam. We also contribute to a number of local charity organizations, youth groups, and other ministries throughout Ohio.


Hands of Faith continues to hold firm to its belief that God’s Word is taught in its entirety, and that seeing God change people’s lives must be our purpose for being. We have been blessed and honored as God has moved miraculously through the years as many new and wonderful people have graced our doors continuing to enhance the ministry of the church. God continues to use Hands of Faith as a church reaching out to others in many different countries, states, and communities. With fervent prayer and belief, Hands of Faith continues in her given and chosen call to keep reaching out through relational evangelism, love, and lifestyle, to others who otherwise have given up on life, love, and the Lord.


As anyone can attest, a future is unclear until it unfolds. God is still fulfilling the vision of Hands of Faith in bits and pieces, yet one thing remains, God is in control and that Hands of Faith Church is His work for the city of Zanesville and surrounding areas.

As new ministries are birthed and new families lay claim to the ministry as their home, Hands of Faith looks to live in the future in the same manner as it has continued to live from its inception—live according to God’s Word, trust in the Lord for all provision, and see the Lord in all areas of our lives. It is our call and it is our goal to continue “to be a discipleship church emphasizing the teaching of biblical truth with practical application.” This is our mission and this is our call. So as we see God’s purpose for our church, His “changing lives one person at a time,” it is our prayer that you embrace the call of the Lord through His gift of salvation, acknowledge the work of His Spirit in your life; find the love of Christ through the fellowship of those here at Hands of Faith; and recognize that you are a part of something special in the kingdom of God.

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